Robotics Training (Entrapment Rescue}

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What Is An Industrial Robot?

An industrial robot is a manipulating device that is reprogrammable, automatically controlled, multipurpose, and has 3 or more programmable axes.

An industrial robot can have many uses in the workplace and is often used for material handling, welding, water cutting, and other applications with accuracy, efficiency and speed.
The robot manipulator is the long, jointed arm and wrist of a robot. The manipulator allows the robot to extend, turn, and reach as programmed. The movements of the manipulator are determined by its axes of motion. 
The end effector (tooling attached to the wrist of the manipulator) works with the robot by manipulating the part. The end effectors may be suction cups, grippers, spot welders, water cutters, etc.

 A controller directs the movements of the industrial robot from stored and programmed information. This programmed information is determined

An industrial robot system equipment includes:

> Software
> Hardware
> Power supply
> Control system
> End-effector (s)
> Other associated equipment within the safeguarded space