Safeguarding of Machinery
Safeguarding of Machinery


Safeguarding of Machinery


safeguarding Of Machinery


Program Description:

The Safeguarding of Machinery program goes beyond the legal requirements (Occupational Health & Safety Act) and the Canadian Standards Association safeguarding guidelines (Z432-04) for operators of industrial machinery.   The program explains when and where the safeguards are best used and why certain safeguards are more appropriate than others based of the types of machines.

Program Content:


Suggested Participants:

Machine operators, set-up personnel, supervisors, group leaders, and health & safety committee  

Program Duration:

½ day (maximum group size of 20 participants)

Frequently Asked Questions:  Safeguarding of Machinery

Who Conducts Safeguarding of Machinery training?

Only instructors with practical experience and theoretical knowledge deliver our program.  Simply reading the information and relaying it to students is not satisfactory.  An in-depth understanding of safeguarding is required to help ensure a safe working environment.

Where does the training take place?

We will conduct Safeguarding of Machinery training at you facility anywhere in North America. 





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